This NJ Test Training site was created with the specific intent on helping new members practice, train and pass their NJ Public Adjuster License test.

Commercial: NJ Public Adjuster Test Training - Pt 1 and Pt 2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to study this material?

Review the videos, taking special note of the answers. Repetition is key. Ideally, review each section 3 - 6 times. More if you feel it is needed.

Are these the exact questions I will see on the test?

The questions will probably be phrased differently from what is contained on the review video. However, the answers will be the same. That is why it is particularly important to understand the question and answers given on the review videos.

What percentage of the test is commercial?

Each test is unique for NJ Public Adjuster test. It is best that you review all the training videos equally and become familiar with the concepts, questions and answers.

Any test taking advice?

Before taking the test, review the material one last time. Relaxe during the test. Read through each question to ensure you understand the question before you answer.